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AWS in Orbit series premieres on the T-Minus Space Daily podcast.

Join N2K and Amazon Web Services to explore the convergence of cloud, space, and advanced technologies like generative artificial intelligence.

FULTON, Md., October 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- N2K Networks today announced the premiere of AWS in Orbit, a podcast series that offers listeners an in-depth look at the transformative intersection of cloud computing, space technologies, and generative artificial intelligence (generative AI).

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AWS in Orbit series on T-Minus Space Daily

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Another big pay day for ULA and SpaceX.

ULA and SpaceX secure $1.76 billion in contract modifications from USSF. NASA selects SpaceX for NOAA’s JPSS-4 mission. Tim Peake joins Axiom. And...


The UK invests in future space innovation.

UKSA announces £33M investment. ESA releases a Space Environment Report. Thales Alenia-led group to demonstrate an in-orbit capture and inspection....



Inspired by the moons in our solar system, Amanda Lee Falkenberg has created a symphony celebrating the convergence of music and science.

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N2K Networks launches T-Minus Space Daily, the world’s only daily space news podcast.

FULTON, Md., Apr. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – N2K Networks, a leading provider of strategic workforce intelligence, announces its entry into the space industry with the launch of the world’s only daily space news podcast, T-Minus Space Daily.

Read the full press release here.