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AWS in Orbit series on T-Minus Space Daily

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AWS for Aerospace and Satellite

AWS in Orbit is a podcast series where we explore the intersection of cloud, space, and AI technologies, focusing on their transformative impact and real human outcomes in sectors like environmental sustainability, critical infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Tune in below or follow T-Minus Space Daily in your podcast app of choice.

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AWS in Orbit episodes

Leveraging generative AI to do more at the rugged space edge with AWS.

(28 Oct 2023) Case studies in bringing the cloud and generative artificial intelligence to space, with Kathy O'Donnell, Space Solutions Architect leader for AWS Aerospace and Satellite

Securing the space frontier with AI cybersecurity solutions.

(18 Nov 2023) Cybersecurity solutions for space using generative AI and the cloud, with Buffy Wajvoda, Space Solutions Architect leader for AWS Aerospace and Satellite.

Monitoring critical road network infrastructure at scale with Alteia and the World Bank.

(09 Dec 2023) Alteia and the World Bank solve sustainability issues at scale with AWS, space, and AI. Baptiste Tripard is Chief Marketing Officer at Alteia, and Aiga Stokenberga is Senior Transport Economist at the World Bank Group. Learn more at AWS Aerospace and Satellite.

Empowering small farming through AI and space technologies with Degas.

(27 Jan 2023) Yohei Nakayama, CTO at Degas Ltd., shares how his company helps farmers in Ghana optimize crops and increase land productivity using AWS generative AI and space technology. Also featuring Emma Higashikawa, AWS Aerospace & Satellite solution architect, and special guest Ruvimbo Samanga, space law and policy analyst.

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