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Space Systems Command makes cybersecurity selections.

US Space Forces’ Space Systems Command awards contracts to Xage and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Frank Rubio returns to Earth. And more.





US Space Forces’ Space Systems Command selects Xage for a $17 million Cybersecurity contract. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has been awarded a $10 million contract to evaluate the software and cybersecurity of ground systems being developed for a new classified satellite network. NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio returns to Earth after a record-breaking year in space, and more.

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T-Minus Guest

Our guest today is scientist Alan Stern, the Principal Investigator for NASA’s New Horizons mission on continuing his research mission and his upcoming suborbital flights.

You can connect with Alan on LinkedIn and find out more about his research at SWRI.org.

Selected Reading

Xage Awarded $17 Million Cybersecurity Contract by U.S. Space Force’s Space Systems Command- Globe Newswire

Space Force selects university partner to evaluate classified ground systems software- SpaceNews

BlueHalo Surpasses Critical Milestone to Expand U.S. Satellite Operation Capacity Under Space Force SCAR Program- PR Newswire

Three astronauts return to Earth after a year in space. NASA’s Frank Rubio sets US space record- AP

Artemis II SLS Rocket Booster Segments Arrive to Kennedy Space Center- NASA

On-Ramping Opportunity for NOAA’s Radio Occultation Data Buy II- Office of Space Commerce

OneWeb to Collaborate on PNT Capabilities With the UK National Physical Laboratory- Via Satellite

China launches new remote sensing satellite- CGTN

Space needs a sustainable insurance industry- FT

VCs orbit countries with growing space agencies- Pitchbook

New US Postage Stamp Commemorates NASA’s Asteroid Sample Delivery

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