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Chang’e 6 arrives on the lunar surface.

China lands Chang’e 6 on the far side of the moon. dearMoon mission canceled. Starliner crewed mission scrubbed again and rescheduled for June 5. And more.




China has landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon for a second time with the successful lunar touchdown of Chang'e 6. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who was planning the first private flight around the moon on SpaceX’s Starliner called ‘dearMoon’, cancels the project. Boeing’s Starliner first crewed mission to the ISS is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, June 5, and more.

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T-Minus Guest

Our guest today is Dr. Minkwan Kim, Associate Professor in Astronautics at the University of Southampton. 

You can connect with Dr. Kim on LinkedIn and learn more about his research on the website.

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