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T-Minus, the only daily space intelligence podcast.

Join us every day as we provide the latest news and insights along with leading experts from industry, academia, research organizations, government, and more. Stay on top of the evolving space market, and separate the signal from the noise.


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Recent episodes


Give to STEM this Tuesday.

Firefly successfully tests its Miranda engine. SSC completes a critical design review for its EPOCH 1. Astra raises an additional $2.7M in capital....


Nelson’s at the helm in India and UAE.

NASA visits India and UAE to discuss space cooperation. Kratos wins an IDIQ contract from Space Systems Command. Axiom goes all in with AWS. And more.


Space Bills, Bills, Bills.

The ORBITS act passes the US Senate and goes to the House. Congress presents reforms to update government oversight of commercial space activities....


There’s a hole in the module, Dear Liza.

The Russian module on the ISS develops a leak. PLD Space launches Europe’s first fully private rocket. ESA launches the 23rd Vega mission. And more.


Stoke unveils a bright future for Nova.

Stoke Space raises $100M. US Space Force seeks proposals for national security launches. SatVu releases imagery from its thermal imaging satellite....


Elon’s ambitious space plans.

Musk announces Starship plans at the IAC. China and Russia outline future space station projects. Northrop Grumman partners with Voyager on Starlab....


The Astronaut wears Prada.

Axiom partners with Prada on next gen spacesuits. Booz Allen awarded a $630M contract with the US Space Force. Comtech to support US Army SATCOM. And...


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