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Galactic Energy sets a new launch record.

China’s Galactic Energy holds 2 launches in 3 days. Peru and Slovakia sign the Artemis Accords. Starliner on course for lift off on Saturday. And more.




China’s commercial launch company Galactic Energy has launched two rockets in three days setting a new record for the shortest interval between two commercial launches by a private Chinese rocket company. NASA has welcomed Peru and Slovakia as new signatories to the Artemis Accords. NASA, Boeing and the United Launch Alliance say they’re still on track to launch the Starliner crew capsule on Saturday, June 1, and more.

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T-Minus Guest

Our guest today is Amit Srivastava, Head of Lunar Architecture at the Andy Thomas Center for Space Resources at the University of Adelaide.

You can connect with Amit on LinkedIn, and learn more about the Australian Space Architecture Challenge on their website.

Selected Reading

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Paragon Announces Water Purification System EDU for Starlab

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