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Chang’e 6 lifts off from the moon.

Iridium lands $94M Space Systems Command contract. China’s Chang’e 6 lifts off from the moon. ESA completes the first metal 3D printing on the ISS. And more.




Iridium awarded a new five-year contract by the United States Space Force's Space Systems Command's Commercial Space Office (COMSO), for Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) capabilities and security sustainment services (ECS3). China’s Chang’e 6  has lifted off from the lunar surface and is making its way back to Earth with moon rock samples. The first metal 3D printing aboard the International Space Station took place last Thursday in the European Space Agency’s Columbus laboratory module, and more.

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T-Minus Guest

Our guest today is Erin Miller, Executive Director of Space Information and Analysis Center (Space ISAC). 

You can connect with Erin on LinkedIn, and learn more about Space ISAC on their website.

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