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T-Minus, the only daily space intelligence podcast.

Join us every day as we provide the latest news and insights along with leading experts from industry, academia, research organizations, government, and more. Stay on top of the evolving space market, and separate the signal from the noise.


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Recent episodes


Could K2-18 b be showing signs of life?

JWST finds potential signs of life on K2-18 b. Ball Aerospace to deliver a sounder for NOAA’s GeoXS. Firefly awarded a NASA lunar payload contract....


Who’s watching who?

Chinese satellites cause a stir down under. North Korea is planning to launch a satellite this week. Russia blames Luna-25’s engines for the crash....


India’s moonshot, take 2.

Chandrayaan-3 to the moon. JAXA’s not having a great year. Space Command HQ drama impacting budgets. A new partnership between Sweden and Latvia. And...


Boom arms getting stuck: so hot right now.

Viasat’s unexpected event. US Senate’s NASA budget. Pulsars to help PNT on Earth. Hawkeye 360’s series D-1 funding round. Guam and spaceflight. And...


Astra plays the reverse card on stock split.

Astra’s reverse stock split. Benchmark gets a series B. Astranis lands a deal in the Philippines. Key lessons from Ukraine for US Space Command. And...


DARPA, debris, and de-risking with simulation.

Space news for the summer solstice. A slew of New Space funding. DARPA, SpaceLogistics, and Intelsat towards ISAM in 2025. Rockets and sharks. And...


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