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Recent episodes


Space Command is everywhere but Alabama.

New Space Force missions in Colorado Springs. Florida’s home for STARCOM HQ. NASA’s new satellite tsunami detector. UAPs, but no ETs. And more.


Viasat-Inmarsat merger completes.

Viasat finalizes merger with Inmarsat. US State Department outlines space diplomacy plan. Space Command assumes all missile defense responsibilities....


A Chinese civilian joins the Tiangong crew.

China launches a civilian to space. Software to blame for ispace failure. The UAE plans a mission to the asteroid belt. Spain signs Artemis Accords,...


Quantum Leaps in global navigation.

UK’s Royal Navy tests a quantum navigation system. Northrop Grumman to launch Space Force's weather satellite. TROPICS coming for a storm near you....


Galactic gains for Virgin.

Virgin Galactic returns to space. Space Force and Air Force partner on space cyber operations. S Korea launches its first commercial grade satellite....

A saturation of satellite successes.

Astranis successfully hits another key milestone. Satellite Vu announces a Series A2 round. News from GEOINT symposium. NASA SBIR announcement. And...


SpaceX lives by the sword.

SpaceX joins FAA in environmental lawsuit. Three companies to buy Virgin Orbit assets. Arctic Space and One Web approved for Ground Station. And more.


The Quad flexes space.

The Quad gives space a shoutout. FCC approves Viasat-Inmarsat deal. Coverage from the GEOINT summit. Space Force goes meta. Spaceport Cornwall. And...


Namrata Goswami on India Space Policy 2023.

A deep dive into India's new space policy. India’s strategic shift towards space privatization, from satellite construction to launch vehicles, and...


A tale of two Virgins.

Stratolaunch moves to buy Virgin Orbit’s carrier. Virgin Galactic announces launch window. Arqit to quit space. China adds a 56th BeiDou satellite....


The Ariane countdown.

Last flight for Ariane 5. Space Forge designs reusable heat shield. Israel’s moon mission on hold. EAGLE-1 gets a quantum key distribution payload....


JUICE jiggle frees the RIME.

The JUICE is loose and freed the Rime! Lights out for Lunar Flashlight. TBIRD space lasers breaking records. SDA seeks 100 new satellites. And more.


Bricks and mortar paves space advancement.

Airbus signs with the UK’s National Satellite Test Facility. Say hello to Space Force’s COMSO. AT&T to lease spectrum to AST SpaceMobile. And more.


Australia’s budget sends space down under.

Budget cuts hit Australia’s space sector. Debt ceiling talks put the freeze on the NDAA. Space Force wants industry feedback on guardian training....


Satcom merger gets the green light.

Viasat-Inmarsat merger gets green light. ClearSpace to use Arianespace for debris de-orbit. NASA’s plans to deorbit the ISS. Careers with EVONA. And...


Hurricane hunters deployed in space.

NASA’s TROPICS successfully lift off to LEO. Artemis 2 to test high-speed video from the moon. Virgin Galactic announces next space flight. And more.


Running the gamut.

C-band will win the ground station wars. DoD needs more money. The US Air Force requests priority access to S-band. BlackSky asks for lower orbits....


Skywalking into billion dollar space deals.

Maxar officially goes private. And Arconic might. Voyager Space’s latest purchase brings Astrolab closer to reality. Starlink hits a major milestone....


First island chain gets a boost from space.

US and Philippines agree on prioritizing space. FAA being sued over Starship. Questions over National Security Space Launch Phase 3 strategy. And...


JUICE: shake well to fully deploy.

Falcon Heavy takes the first Viasat-3 to GEO. Musk gives a Starship update. Shaking up JUICE. China and the UAE make new Mars discoveries. And more.


Soft power and China’s lunar diplomacy.

Russia extends ISS cooperation until 2028. China’s lunar diplomacy. Raytheon refocuses. APEX has a strong start with Astra Space. And more.


DoD call of duty for space reserves.

DoD wants to create space reserves. Space Force is creating an outernet. Czech Republic to sign Artemis Accords. Intellian invests $100m in satcom....


The West Wing wants space security by design.

Space and cybersecurity. The US and South Korea strengthen ties. The Air Force PIPs 5 space programs. New funding for X-bow and Ursa Major. And more.


Space is hard for Hakuto-R.

Hard landing for Hakuto-R. US-South Korea space agreement. More intel from China’s Space Conference. SpaceX delays. Pricing space debris removal. And...


Intel from China’s “Space Day.”

Reflections from day one of China’s Space Conference. UAE’s busy week. Space Force buys Blue Halo's phased array. Takeaways from Symposium. And more.


Investing and operating in the space domain.

Q1 results from Space Capital report. SDA Tranche 2 coming to an orbit near you. New regs from FCC Space Bureau. The space race is on with China. And...


Holy Starship, Batman!

Starship is meant to fly. Virgin Orbit claims, “I’m not dead yet!” ESA’s new efforts. ISAM with COSMIC and Starfish. A Symposium NatSec roundup. And...


Big trouble in little Vulcan.

Investors’ mixed outlook. DoD on space operational domain. Northrop Grumman milestone. ULA Vulcan in trouble. NASA’s planetary defense strategy. And...


Aggressors on the horizon, and above it.

Space Force and aggressor satellites. Lockheed says LINUSS is a win. Amazon’s new startup cohort. GPT for overhead. ESA preps human spaceflight. And...


Jupiter, get ready for this JUICE.

JUICE is out here making news. Space systems are critical infrastructure. There's money on the table for satellite broadband. More ISAM in GEO. And...


“PIVOT!” says Relativity Space.

Change in plans for Relativity. USSF wants to task commercial sats. Combat drones receive orders from LEO. Begun, the ground segment war has. And...


TEMPO hitchhikes to GEO.

NASA’s TEMPO launches. Axiom’s second mission. SpaceCom demands domain awareness. True Anomaly raises $30mil. Stoke has software for hardware. And...


Planetary defense gets some time in the sun.

The White House on planetary defense. Farewell Virgin; hello Deloitte. A space security camera. Lifeline for Astrocast. Opportunities from USSF. And...


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